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The DR program is grounded in the fundamental idea that dispute resolution techniques properly used give voice to disputants and enhance our democracy. Our program is designed to provide meaningful academic knowledge and useful professional skills to individuals dealing with the costs of conflict and those engaged in conflict resolution activities. Our goal is to develop and support reflective practitioners of conflict resolution.

The interdisciplinary field of dispute resolution promotes and advocates for nonviolent resolution or management of conflict through a range of techniques. These include negotiation and third-party neutral intervention methods such as mediation, collaborative problem solving and arbitration, which are applied to a diverse range of issues. The field applies to professional activities such as public sector and labor mediation, commercial arbitration, family counseling and divorce mediation, organizational ombuds services, legal negotiation, and international diplomacy. Students will be prepared for employment opportunities in a variety of areas such as mediation firms, neighborhood justice centers, private and public bureaucracies, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and the criminal justice system. 

All MA students participate in a practicum experience intended to strengthen student knowledge, introduce the students to new forms of dispute resolution and build professional relationships both inside and outside the university.

The department offers masters level work with an emphasis in Dispute Resolution, a joint program in Dispute Resolution and Law and Graduate Certificate in Dispute Resolution. For a more visual introduction to the program, or to access our learning management system (aka MADR Moodle), visit our MADR Learning Resources Hub. See also this one-page flyer about the Masters Program suitable for posting.

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