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Major in Journalism

The journalism major provides comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of the theory and practice of journalism. Areas covered include reporting, editing, feature writing, advertising, mass media and more. The skills you will learn in order to gather information, analyze it, and organize it into a news story will prepare you well for your further academic studies and for a wide variety of careers.

Why study Journalism?

Although most people think of journalism in terms of newspapers, a major in journalism prepares you for a wide variety of careers in which gathering information and communicating it are important. Journalism majors are employed in fields such as reporting, editing, publishing, public relations, advertising, newspaper, television and radio, newsletters and corporate publications, writing training programs, screenwriting and writing books.

Why study Journalism at Wayne State?

The journalism program at Wayne State University is widely respected as a professionally oriented program, designed to prepare you to work in the world of journalism. Our graduates are now on the staffs of the Detroit Free Press, The Detroit News, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times and numerous other newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations and on public relations staffs. The program uses talented professionals to teach students to write clearly, concisely and correctly.  At the same time, we teach them ethics and life skills and how to get a job and keep it.

Although The South End, WSU's student-run newspaper, is not formally affiliated with the Department of Communication, many journalism students work at the paper. The opportunity is exceptional and an important training ground for students.

The journalism program at Wayne State is flexible to a students' individual needs. The faculty are friendly and professional and their doors are open. They like dealing with and mentoring students and take pride in helping hard working students accomplish their goals. Students have the advantage of utilizing up-to-date technology in our computer lab facilities and tv production studios as well as opportunities available through our community network of internships.

Journalism Institute for Media Diversity

The Journalism Institute for Media Diversity at WSU was the first of its kind and is one of the few programs in the country dedicated to increasing diversity in the area of journalism. JIMD awards first semester scholarships to new students and other scholarships are available after one semester as a journalism major. Visit the JIMD website for more.

Journalism Curricula

We have exciting changes to our curriculum! Please click on the curriculum guide below that reflects your declaration of major date. If you are not sure when you declared your major follow these steps:
Log in at http://stars.wayne.edu
Click on the “Academic” tab at the top.
Go to “Current or Last Term” to see your current declared major.
Below that is the Term Catalog year which reflects the date your major is effective.

Curriculum guide for journalism majors declared prior to Fall 2013

Curriculum guide for journalism majors declared Fall 2013 and beyond

The above are for journalism students focused on print and online journalism. Broadcast and digital journalism majors, click here.