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Juanita Anderson
519 Manoogian Hall
Phone: 313-577-4145

Juanita Anderson, Lecturer and Director of Film and Digital Media Initiatives, is a veteran producer, executive producer and documentary filmmaker. She teaches advanced media arts ...

Jackie Byars
Associate Professor (retired)

Jackie Byars (Ph.D., the University of Texas at Austin) is a retired associate professor of film and television studies.Representative Publications:BookJackie Byars, All That Holly...

James L. Cherney
Assistant Professor
539 Manoogian Hall
Phone: 313-577-0794

James L. Cherney (PhD, Indiana University) is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication. He studies and teaches courses in rhetorical theory and criticism, argument...

Merci Decker
540 Manoogian Hall
Phone: 313-577-5493

Merci Decker is finishing her Ph.D. in communication with an emphasis in rhetoric at University of Memphis. She teaches courses in persuasion, social movements, argumentation, and ...

Kelly Donnellan
Assistant Professor, Media Arts and Studies
527 Manoogian Hall
Phone: 313-577-4166

Kelly Donnellan (MFA, American University) is an Assistant Professor of Media Arts and Studies. She teaches COM 1600 and COM 5380/7380.Kelly has been working professionally in post...

Stine Eckert
Assistant Professor
585 Manoogian
Phone: 313-577-2943

Stine Eckert (Ph.D., University of Maryland) joins the Wayne State journalism faculty, Fall 2014. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Maryland and her Master’s of S...

Jane Elizabeth Fitzgibbon
517 Manoogian Hall
Phone: 313-577-6297

Dr. Jane Fitzgibbon (Ph.D., Wayne State University) is a Lecturer and the Director of the Business Communication Course. She is the current faculty advisor for WSU EcoCAR2 Team. Se...

Michael Fuhlhage
Assistant Professor
585 Manoogian
Phone: 313-577-2943

Michael Fuhlhage (Ph.D., UNC Chapel Hill) joins the Wayne State journalism faculty, Fall 2014. Fuhlhage has 17 years of experience in news, sports, and feature editing, design, and...

Mary Garrett
Associate Professor
542 Manoogian
Phone: 313-577-9610

Mary Garrett (Ph.D., University of California-Berkeley ) is an Associate Professor of Rhetorical Theory and Criticism. ...

Kelly Jakes
Assistant Professor
585 Manoogian
Phone: 313-577-2943

Kelly Jakes (Ph.D., University of Wisconsin) joined the Wayne State communication studies faculty, Fall 2014. Her research focuses broadly on issues pertaining to rhetoric and cult...

Jungmi Jun
Assistant Professor
525 Manoogian Hall
Phone: 313-577-2943

Jungmi Jun (Ph.D., George Mason University) is an assistant professor of the Department of Communication at Wayne State University, where she teaches PR campaigns and research meth...

Loraleigh Keashly
Associate Professor and Masters Program Director
577 Manoogian Hall
Phone: (313) 577-2648

Loraleigh Keashly is an associate professor in the Department of Communication at Wayne State University, Detroit. Her research, teaching and consulting focus on conflict and confl...

Jack Lessenberry
563 Manoogian Hall
Phone: 313-993-4083

Jack Lessenberry, area head of the journalism faculty at Wayne State University, primarily teaches COM 5080, History and Law of Journalism, and COM 5250, Issues in News Media Manag...

Katheryn Maguire
Associate Professor
542 Manoogian Hall
Phone: 313-577-9610

Katheryn C. Maguire is an associate professor and is area head of communication studies. Her research centers on how individuals and families use communication to cope with stress ...

Patricia K. McCormick
Associate Professor
513 Manoogian Hall
Phone: Department of Communication: 313-577-2943

Patricia K. McCormick, an Associate Professor,holds a Ph.D. in Mass Media/Telecommunications and an M.A. in Telecommunications from Michigan State University. She also holds an M.A...

Karen McDevitt
Phone: 313-577-0417

Karen McDevitt teaches New Media Practices (COM 5280) and New Media Theory (COM 6270), which are the two core courses for the Graduate Certificate in Communication and New Media. S...

 At the 100th annual conference of the National Communication Association, in Chicago, IL, November 2014.
Rahul Mitra
Assistant Professor
541 Manoogian Hall

Rahul Mitra is an assistant professor of organizational communication. Prior to obtaining his doctorate from Purdue University, he worked in the news broadcast and public relations...

Alicia Nails
559 Manoogian
Phone: 313-577-6304

Alicia Nails directs the Journalism Institute for Media Diversity. She is an Emmy Award-winning journalist and freelance writer, including appearing in the Detroit Free Press, The ...

Michele (Shelly) Najor
538 Manoogian Hall
Phone: 313-577-1556

Shelly Najor has both the PhD and MA degree in communication and public relations from Wayne State University. She also has her secondary education certification. Dr. Najor receiv...

Julie M. Novak
Associate Professor
529 Manoogian Hall
Phone: 313-577-2950

My approach to learning and research takes theory and infuses it with praxis or praxis and infuses it with theory to mediate a better world. I agree with Swartz (1997) by defining ...

Hayg Oshagan
Associate Professor
509 Manoogian Hall
Phone: 313-577-9315

Hayg Oshagan (Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison ) is an Associate Professor of Mass Media Effects and Public Opinion....

Donyale R. Padgett
Associate Professor -- Diversity, Culture & Communication
515 Manoogian Hall
Phone: 313-577-3544

Professor Padgett has been a faculty member in the Department of Communication at Wayne since the fall of 2002 and on the tenure-track since 2006.Her professional background includ...

Kimmerly S. Piper-Aiken
Senior Lecturer & Manager of the 5057 Midtown TV Studio
565 Manoogian Hall
Phone: 313-577-0538

Kimmerly Piper-Aiken, Ph.D., teaches broadcast journalism and television production. She created the TV News Reporting and Digital Editing course and revamped the Broadcast News Wr...

Katie Lorene Rasmussen
Lecturer and Basic Course Director
MANO 521

Katie Rasmussen received her PhD in Communication in 2011 from Wayne State, where she also received a cognate in Instructional Technology. Her dissertation is an ethnography on a m...

Marc-Anthony Ruiz
Assistant Professor
569 Manoogian Hall
Phone: 313-577-4080

Marc Ruiz teaches a number of courses in the Media Arts and Studies major - most notably the capstone course designed to introduce students to organized set structures. Marc has b...

Matthew Seeger
Professor and Dean
5104 Gullen Mall - The Linsell House
Phone: (313) 577-5342

Matthew W. Seeger (Ph.D.
, 1982, Indiana University) is dean of the College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts and a professor of communication
. The College of...

Pradeep Sopory
Associate Professor & Director of Graduate Studies
523 Manoogian Hall
Phone: 313.577.3543

Pradeep Sopory (Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison) is an associate professor of communication at Wayne State University, where he teaches courses in persuasion, health communi...

Ronald James Stevenson
Senior Lecturer and Director of Debate
537 Manoogian Hall
Phone: 313-577-2951

I grew up in Michigan and after high school had planned on working in construction rather than going to college. I had debated in high school with some success and was recruited by...

Elizabeth Stoycheff
Assistant Professor
563 Manoogian Hall

Dr. Elizabeth Stoycheff is an Assistant Professor of Journalism & New Media. She joined the Wayne State faculty in 2013.Undergraduate TeachingDr. Stoycheff teaches journalistic...

Stephanie Tong
Assistant Professor
569 Manoogian Hall
Phone: 313-577-9519

Stephanie Tong is an assistant professor in the communication studies area. Her research interests lie at the intersection of interpersonal communication and new media. Specificall...

Fred Vultee
Associate professor
567 Manoogian
Phone: (313) 577-6302

Fred Vultee (PhD, University of Missouri) is an associate professor in the journalism area of the Department of Communication. He teaches news editing, political communication, and...

Denise Vultee
511 Manoogian Hall
Phone: 313-577-2948

Denise Vultee (Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2001) is a lecturer in the communication department. She teaches the basic course in public speaking, COM 1010 (O...

 Cover of one of the CRE Teacher's wall calendars I produced.
William Warters
Director, Master of Arts in Dispute Resolution; Assistant Professor (Research)
585 Manoogian Hall
Phone: 313-993-7482

Bill Warters (Ph.D., Syracuse University, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs) is the Academic Director of the Master of Arts in Dispute Resolution (MADR) Program in t...

Lee Wilkins
Professor and Chair
585 Manoogian Hall
Phone: 313-577-2943

Lee Wilkins teaches and studies media ethics and media coverage of hazards and disasters. She is co-author of one of the most widely used college media ethics texts, Media Ethics: ...

Kelly M. Young
Associate Professor and Director of Forensics
536 Manoogian Hall
Phone: 313-577-2953

Kelly Michael Young is an Associate Professor of Communication and the Director of Forensics (competitive speech & debate teams). He teaches courses in rhetoric, persuasion, an...

George W. Ziegelmueller
Distinguished Professor: Emeritus
529 Manoogian Hall
Phone: 313-577-2950

George Ziegelmueller (Ph.D., Northwestern University) is a Distinguished Professor and was the Director of Forensics at Wayne State for over 45 years....